Friday, January 30, 2009

Kim G Designs on etsy

Another great Illinois Baby Accessory Artist is Kim G Designs. she uses very cute and baby friendly fabrics, that is for sure. Whe does some great applique work, and is wonderful because she can personalize just about anything made of fabric. What a fun shop!! Check her out on etsy HERE and support a local Illinois Artist.

Illinois Baby Accessory Street Team

A cool, new movement maybe started by etsy, is street teams. The street teams are sometimes divided by location, type of items people make, or other special interests. I believe it would be really fun to start a street team of our own, and maybe make out interests and companies more known. So, feel free to join our new Street Team at FLICKR...
Feel free to join us on flickr, and post your pictures in the group.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

AE BABY on etsy

Wow, these stunning items are made by the ever talented amy from aebaby. She really has an extremely creative mindset, and with over 650 sales, she really knows how to handle little one's wants and needs.
Please visit her delightful shop to see what she is up to.
She is located near St. Charles, IL.


What a cute name! It looks like this Illinois Baby Accessory Artist, Bloomingdeals has a nice embroidery machine and knows how to use it!!! She embellishes very cute and baby/toddler friendly images on her work to add a very cool and unique touch. These items must take a long time to make.
So, check her out on etsy HERE...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This is an excerpt from a Yarn Guild who is fighting for the rights of craft producers and consumers in the United States found HERE:
"• In conclusion, all the test data gathered to date on products made from pre-dyed or un-dyed fibre, have
shown that consumer craft products sold and distributed in the US are essentially lead and phthalate free. While y p
materials and test data presented today has focused on the manufacturing of handknit products, all other
products made from natural or synthetic fibres would p yyield very similar results.
• We believe that consumer craft products manufactured anddistributedintheUSmarketstodayaresignificantlyand distributed in the US markets today are significantly
below the minimum lead and phthalates content levels established by the CPSIA 2008, and all consumer craft
productsshouldbeexempt fromtestingrequirementsproducts should be exempt from testing requirements."

Please feel free to input any further information you know, or links to helpful resources, as this may affect us all...

ALSO LOOK HERE for more info.

These appear to be the items in question:
Items created after the dates in ()
# Lead Paint, 16 CFR Part 1303 (effective date 12/21/2008)
# Full-Size Cribs, 16 CFR Part 1508 (effective date 01/20/2009)
# Non Full-Size Cribs, 16 CFR Part 1509 (effective date 01/20/2009)
# Pacifiers, 16 CFR Part 1511 (effective date 01/20/2009)
# Small Parts Rule, 16 CFR Part 1501 (effective date 02/15/2009)
# Lead Content in Children's Metal Jewelry

Bonnie Baby Slings in Carbondale, IL

My first featured artist/seamstress is Bonnie Baby Slings. She makes a great array of items for babies, and also has great prices and bountiful products. One listing is for 25 flannel wipes for only $14!! So check out this great Southern Illinois Baby Accessory Artist! She deserves it...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This blog will be a great resource for promoting people in Illinois who sew, craft, and create baby items and accessories. Each crafter who wants to be a part of this page will have a link to their shop on the side of the page, a great resource for helping get the word out about fun businesses in Illinois for wee ones. Anyone who wants to join is welcome, as long as they create things for babies.